As the frontpage of the Mustache project already states: “logic-less templates.” The description couldn't be more to the point. As stated in my previous blog, it's important to separate logic from presentation. It allows for more maintainable code and makes debugging easier.

This applies to most web-applications of today that use a server-side language to handle data and use HTML to present the data. To create this separation cleanly with clear exclusion of logic from the HTML template, the influence of an external script or library is almost always needed. Mustache does exactly that.

Mustache vs. other templating libraries

Why specifically Mustache? There are quite a number of libraries that help with the separation of logic from templates for any language. In my opinion, almost none of those libraries do it right. Most libraries want to do too… more


Asynchronous requests are a big part of life nowadays. Almost every major website uses AJAX in some form to increase interactivity without having to reload the full page with every request. One of the most popular response formats for AJAX is JSON. When compared to XML or HTML, JSON has a few distinct advantages: it's fast, uses less bandwidth and is supported natively by JavaScript, so no extra parsing is needed on the client-side to interpret the data sent by the server.

There is one big problem when choosing JSON as a response format for asynchronous requests. For instance, let's say that a list of articles fetched with JSON needs to be injected into a web page. JSON doesn't define the structure of the final list, so somehow an HTML template needs to be provided to be able to… more

Hello world

Welcome and many thanks for visiting my personal website. I’ve had my fair share of personal blogs and sites, but sadly they all died a lonely and miserable death. Either I didn’t care anymore or just forgot about them over time. Therefore, for the nth time, I will try to redeem myself with

I’ve always wanted a website for myself, but the main problem was that I never had a clue what to put on the website. Most of the time, I'd start something and not finish it because of shifting interests. Hopefully, that will not be the case this time. can be seen as a hub for all my thoughts and things I want to share with other people. Most contributions will be in English but on lazy days I might post something written in… more